New Website Launched Today!

In order to ensure this site is completely safe and reliable for you all I have disabled and removed most of the advanced features I wanted.

The checkout process isn’t as slick as I’d like but it has a proper cart and it’s solid and reliable and secure that is what matters. Equally some of the colours and placing of objects isn’t as tidy as I want, but they’re readable. I will be improving the site steadily as I go along but I’ve been 9 months to get to this point and I just need, need, need to get it live and working. So that’s what we have.

The other features such as reviews, wish-lists, accounts, videos, affiliate support and much more will be re-introduced, one-by-one, once I am absolutely sure they are stable, secure and ready to include. For now you can place orders using a proper cart without doubt or fear, and you read this blog and my updates, which are the two things that were badly missing from the old website.

Thanks for being patient with me on this journey 🙂