Prices slashed!

After much deep thought I’ve decided that I want to sell off all my HotBox stock and change the designs to something I can sustain production of in the coming years. Enjoy the sale prices because once stock is gone, it’s gone! Of course I will honour all lifetime warranties. These units are still cutting edge, I just need the cash to open new doors…

I will use the money I recover from these sales (I’m not really making much profit now, just freeing up cash ‘trapped’ as stock I have invested in) I’ll be using that to create a single design of HotBox that does everything, all in one box. By narrowing my range of products and focussing on a single premium unit it means I can more easily keep track of the parts I need and keep stock of them. Right now I need to keep around £12,000 of parts and unsold units in stock at any time to keep the business flowing and it’s just unsustainable and too complex. By reducing this to a single, premium unit I will only need to keep around £5,000 of float in stock and around 30% less part types.

The new unit wont be ready for quite a while yet. It will remain in a similar style to the current HB125i it but it will have a few more features and will be more expensive. I’m expecting less sales because of this, of course, but it will be the best ever unit and the sort-of thing I hope people will be happy to save up for and invest in as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.