New products and old ones

In order to provide better quality of service and keep quality high I’ve made the tough decision to reduce the number of products I sell. This is going to be a tough financial hit for me, and I know a number of people will be sad to see their favourites go, but quality is everything to me and doing all these different little bits is putting that at risk.

It’s not all bad news though! Even though I’m canning the HB60i and HB125i I am introducing a new flagship the HB130 which does everything the HB125i does and far more! The reduction steps are smaller and much more intuitive to use, the tone has been tweaked to have more top-end air and clarity, and instead of two reactive modes it now has three, which have been tuned to sound better than ever! I am very excited about this, it’s a world-class everything-beater of a unit.

HotBox 130 Prototype

Equally, I’m getting rid of the small products like the volume boxes, and as the older pedals, the Tone Lord and the Trident come to an end, I’ll be replacing those with new and amazing versions that fit better into my trapezoidal pedal line in the coming months. The Grand Classic will be delivered before these, but you can expect to see new releases every other month and a new Kickstarter announced in December as soon as GC units are shipped!