In stock, outta stock, where’s the stock?

Low Stock!

It has taken a little longer than expected but the Tone Lord has nearly sold out. There is one unit on here, one on reverb and two on Amazon UK. The unit on here is unique, and the unit on Reverb is a first edition. Once they are gone they are ALL GONE!

I’m also temporarily out of stock of Trident units (on here, reverb and ebay). Those are under construction but the Grand Classic takes precedence so don’t expect to see a restock until around 1st December. There is one unit currently left on Amazon UK however.

HotBox 60’s and 125i’s have all ended permanently and whatever stock I have left has been sent to Amazon UK where I will slowly discount it more and more until it sells through. Grab a bargain!

New Stock!

Of course all this selling through is to pave the way for new products!

The HB120 remains our best-selling attenuator so far but the brand-new HB130 is rapidly overtaking it and I haven’t even listed it on Reverb or Ebay yet! No demo videos yet, just a couple of discussion ones and yet it’s shifting like crazy and I am getting the most incredible and positive feedback messages about it.

The Grand Classic has turned into a monster! It’s taking up all my time and is so chock-full of incredible features it is mind-blowing. This pedal is my priority, so I can’t work on other designs, but I do still need an income so I am opening up a special offer of being able to pre-order one at a discount from the second wave! This is a limited number of units that will be delivered after the Kickstarter is delivered with an ETA of February.