Christmas closures and Order shipping

I’m closing Audiostorm down from the 23rd December to the 8th Jan 2023.

A few recent orders have not yet shipped and I am deeply sorry about that. Unfortunately the Royal Mail strikes have caused the other couriers to become overloaded also. In particular one of them lost my parts orders and this took two weeks to track down and retrieve. The knock-on effect of this is that everything we do here has also become delayed! But please don’t worry, everything is in-hand and will be 100% sorted soon.

We also have loads of new HB130 stock on the bench being made right now. We’ll be listing in all before the new year. It should have been ready two weeks ago, but as above, parts went missing. All sorted now though.

Also all these stresses and delays, plus I’ve had a really nasty flu leaving me slow and confused, have impacted my Grand Classic progress. I’ll update that as soon as I can get my head straight enough to give proper estimates.

In any case, thank you all again for supporting my work. It’s difficult times but we can still celebrate the joy of life and wild noise. Slainte!