Closed for Christmas until 9th Jan 2023

Thank you to everyone who made 2022 a super successful year for Audiostorm!

I’ve closed up shop now until the 9th because I am utterly burned out from overwork and I need a proper rest so I can do my best work for you all. To be honest I could do with a month off, but real life is rarely so kind.

However! I’ve got loads of amazing new plans for next year! Of course getting the Grand Classic delivered is my first and top priority in every way (and I will design nothing else until that is delivered!) but after that I’ve got an add-on pedal for that unit that will open up new features, there’s the Tone Lord 2 to come (it’s a minor update really, mainly to bring the style in-line with the Quad Screamer and Grand Classic but adds a couple of nice tweaks) and the long, long awaited Deamplifier will be out this coming year for sure!

In addition I’ve made a tiny change to the HB130, cosmetically I’ve moved the bypass switch to the other side which simplifies construction a little and makes the units look a little nicer I think. Photos once I make them up. I’ve also got circuit sketches in pre-design stage for a compressor and delay pedal later in the year, both with novel features you’ve never seen anywhere else of course and in my now-standard trapezoid enclosure.

I’ve also started making forays into digital stuff. Just on the test-bench mind you. So far I’ve stuck to analogue because it is best suited to the types of things I am making and I love it, but I’m not opposed to some custom algorithm development when super-crazy is called for. Embedded processors are a piece of cake for me 🙂

I’m going to re-connect properly with Europe too. That is super important to me. Now the dust has settled post-Brexit one or two couriers have systems in place where I will be able to pay the import taxes so that the price you see will be the price you pay, guaranteed! That isn’t ready yet, and needs some experimenting to get right. Prices will be a bit higher, and no doubt I will have teething problems but once I get this sorted I’ll be adding prices in Euros so that it all works seamlessly in a stress-free manner. It’s a lot of work and cost but when its done the price you see will include -everything-. Shipping and taxes both. As it should be!

Finally I’ve been chatting with a major manufacturer about a collaboration and that is whoppingly exciting! I can’t say any more, but even if if doesn’t happen they’ve already given me some killer ideas that will influence my designs for the better. It’s a pure win-win situation for everyone right now.