International Shipping is still available

I’m still shipping internationally but I am not using Royal Mail. I will use UPS, DHL or whichever courier seems most reliable. This costs me a lot of extra money but I am absorbing those costs so you wont pay any more.

If you haven’t heard about this, the details are that Royal Mail has been attacked and brought to a halt by a cyber attack. This is a ransomware attack that has encrypted all their servers and brought the entire company to a standstill. There is no timeframe for a resolution and the amount has not been published, but historic amounts vary from £200k to well over £1M. However, Royal Mail is considered to be government infrastructure, not merely a company, so it is very likely that there will be a government consultation on this regarding appropriate response and there is a good chance this could escalate beyond what would be a typical timeframe and scale in these circumstances. It is likely that I wont be able to use Royal Mail again now for some time to come.