Prices now fixed for 2023

Over the last two years of instability I’ve tried to keep prices steady by absorbing the costs as much as I can, even when that meant aggressive pay cuts for myself. In recent months however supply of parts and prices has stabilised and I am now confident they will remain steady. Accordingly I have reviewed my prices some small increases where necessary which I hope everyone will think are reasonable.

As most people know, I’m not a fan of boom’n’bust sales pricing techniques that encourage impulse and panic buying with fake hikes and sales so you can rest assured my prices will remain consistent now for the rest of the year. The price you see is the price my units will remain at.

The exception is that prices are sometimes a little cheaper on the website (by comparison to the popular e-commerce sites I also sell through) purely because I don’t pay secondary fees to any sales platforms on purchases made here, and I like to pass those savings on. Same goes for sales at any guitar shows.

The prices for the Grand Classic and Tone Lord 2 will be reviewed and fixed once I launch them to the general public.