Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a warranty?
Yes. All our products have a 5 year warranty. This excludes fair wear and tear, abuse, and misuse. However, even if your item has been misused, or is out of warranty, we will always offer a repair for a fair fee wherever possible. We stand by our customers.

Is it safe to shop here?
It’s all handled by PayPal. Your card data is fully encrypted by a world-class organisation and backed by their guarantee.

Do you do custom shop?
Generally no, sorry, it’s just too time-consuming and we’d have to charge you a scary amount of money. We do love to hear your ideas and they often do influence our designs, so feel free to contact us by email, on Facebook or however works for you. Or if you really do have money to burn and a genuinely exciting and original idea that intrigues me, then okay, I could make an exception.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?
We try! We mainly use cardboard and paper packaging. Sometimes we use recyclable plastics and foam.

Are your products really ‘Made in Britain’?
Absolutely. In Manchester. By skilled technicians on a bench, quite often by me, the boss, because I really enjoy my work!

Can I have a free pedal in exchange for promoting you?
Get in touch! Unlike many bigger companies we do send out genuine freebies but we get a lot of people asking so you’ll have to give us a convincing reason, such as having a really good YouTube channel or being willing to add our logo to your tour banner.

What does Boutique mean?
You’ll get 1001 different answer to that but to me it means that I put heart and soul into every aspect of my designs, nothing is created by a team or group working out ‘what sells’ and I often use parts and techniques during manufacture that big names consider too expensive or too much effort. For example I don’t use an auto-router to design my boards but instead place every track and part by hand so that, even though you’ll probably never see it, and even though many people consider that insane and excessive, the very lines on the boards inside your pedals are works of art.