DDAQ 500 Series EQ



One 500 series EQ built around an authentic reclaimed DDA Q channel strip.

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These are a very famous EQ design which I personally think is truly amazing. They’ve got such incredible usability and just always seem to make everything sound better.

Only 15 units will ever be made*. They are not available for sale elsewhere and the only availability is this listing. I’ve kept all the original chips and polyester caps but the electrolytics will be binned off and replaced as they degrade horribly with time. I’ve also designed and made a really nice edge-connector with balanced I/O that also uses reclaimed original ICs. Oh and relay bypass, obviously.

I’ve left space on the board for an optional TY-250P output transformer. These will be supplied by default as transformerless, as the original desks were, but adding a TY-250P gives you the option to add some extra saturated colour. There are on-board jumpers so you don’t have to permanently commit and can quickly revert if you regret your decision.

Final finish and features are subject to minor changes, improvements and refinements which will include 3D printed end caps to tidy up the hacksaw look. These are genuine RECLAIMED channel strips however so please expect scuffs and wear even so! It all adds to the character IMHO and authenticity anyway but you’ve been warned.

This is a PRE ORDER. Delivery will be made as and when I get around to it. Probably Summer 2023. Fairly sure. I’ve made up the first 6 units already but they need further testing and this is a pet-project I am doing for the sheer love of it, it’s not a priority. I mean, originally I planned a range of 500 series units, but then it turned out I couldn’t afford to make them, so I have three incredible designs I haven’t even prototyped and maybe I’ll do that too eventually. If I live long enough.

*Should have been 16 but this idiot stepped on one and ruined the pots. Also three of these will end up being oddball prototypes. So 12 units, really. And I’ll probably keep some, so 8 to 10? Unless you ask really nicely anyway. And yes, I could make more, if someone gave me a DDA Q series desk, but really, what are the odds of that? You’d have to be crazy to scrap a working desk and most broken ones end up becoming spares for the working ones. So this is probably all there will ever be. Tough luck!