Direct Recording Box


The Direct Recording Box connects to our HotBox attenuator, or to our Reactive Load Box and converts that output into a line level signal that can plug straight into a recording interface or mixing desk.

  • Direct-to-desk recording add-on for any of our attenuators.
  • Tone control allows you to filter and smooth your sound.
  • Built-in output limiting protects your valuable recording equipment.
  • Ground lift to solve many noisy hum problems.
  • Made in Manchester, UK.

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Capture your amp tone direct without needing any sound-proofing or acoustic treatment.

Use the DRB in Zero Load mode with our Reactive Load box for silent recording, or with any of our attenuators in HotBox mode for quiet and silent recording.

This unit is 100% analogue and is best used with your choice of plugins. Here’s two of our favourites…

Boogex (VST/AU) by Voxengo [Impulse based, Free]
NadIR (VST/AU) by Ignite Amps [Impulse based, Free]


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