HotBox 120


The HB120 is our dual-mode, mid-level resistive power attenuator offering high power handling and easy to use features. Fixed Studio mode is ideal for precisely repeatable results such as recording across multiple sessions, and variable Jam mode allows you to fine tune your volume right down to zero. Two speaker outputs mean no need to daisy-chaining multiple cabs and our design tolerates mismatched speaker loads without harming your amplifier. I find that rock players and Marshall owners in particular tend to like this unit for it’s robustness and big, open, bright clear rock sound.

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Simply connect the HB 120 between your amplifier’s output and the speaker itself to get the real and unique sound of your amp overloading, but at a manageable volume. Our units are built to last using only premium and British made parts, so you can drive them as hard as you like, for as long as you like, without any worry.

Dual Mode

We’ve taken the guesswork out of attenuation with our easy to use, two-mode switchable system. In Studio mode the HB120 provides the perfect volume for studio recording or garage-jams. In Jam mode the HB120 reduces your amp to levels ideal for solo practice and bedroom jamming.

Why switched instead of variable?

Have you ever owned a 50w amp and wished it was 45 watts? Or come across a 30w AC30 that blows a 60w Fender away? Fact is that watts are a very approximate measurement of volume and messing about with fine-grained control here is pretty useless. What most of us want are just a few setting: A bit less for pub gigs, a bit less again for recording, and a lot less for jamming at home. And so that’s what we offer: Elegance, simplicity, and usability so you can get on with playing because we’ve done the boring complex calculations for you.

There are also several advantages to this, and for one it’s really easy to buy ultra-reliable high-power toggle switches.Ā  Whereas most rotary ones are ultra-low power and in fact, the most common rotary switch is only rated for 0.2 watts with 8 ohm speakers. And yes! You really -do- find that switch used on several commercial products. Shocking! By comparison even our tiny toggles are rated at over 250 watts. And rotary variable rheostats are almost as bad, with many unable to withstand any overload and reaching temperatures well over 500 deg C internally. Our HotBoxes are built to last.


  • Suitable for any valve amplifier up to 120 watts.
  • Dual mode with fixed (Studio) and variable (Jam) settings.
  • Works as a Dummy Load (Set volume to zero in Jam mode).
  • Available in 4, 8 and 16 ohm versions.
  • True bypass to let your full volume through for A/B comparisons in the studio.
  • Designed and built in Manchester, UK using premium components.
  • Dual speaker outputs so you don’t have to daisy chain your speaker cabs.
  • Lifetime warranty.

16, 8, 4