HotBox 130 Reactive


The HotBox 130 is a fully reactive power attenuator which lets you select between four different reactive tone modes that approximate popular speaker characteristics.

Our unit offers initial reduction in -4dB steps so you can dial in just the perfect amount of repeatable, precise attenuation.

In Fine mode the smoothly variable volume control goes smoothly down from moderately loud (-16dB) to completely silent.

The HB130 can be used for silent, speakerless recording either by itself if your amp has a line-out, or with our Direct Recording Box add-on unit if you want advanced control of your recording signal.

Fully point-to-point wired and made in UK using very high-end and mil-spec components.

Two speaker outs and true bypass.

Note: 2 ohm units are made to order. Please allow 1 week for manufacturing.

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The HotBox 130 is our top-of-the-range power-attenuator and enables you to drive your valve amp brutally hard into those sweet overload conditions yet output just the perfect volume. Simply connect the 130 between your amplifier’s output and the speaker itself then turn your amp up to overload levels and the excess volume is absorbed leaving you with the true sound of your amp overloading but at a manageable volume.

This is our first ever attenuator with stepped rotaries: The ones that most manufacturers use are weak and flimsy inside, which limits power flow and creates failure risk so until now we have refused to sell you short by using naff parts just to cash in. But! We have finally found a source of very high-powered (and expensive) rotaries. So now you can have your cake and eat it: Power and elegance!

Our HB130 is 100% point-to-point wired and made by hand in Manchester, UK using only the highest quality, premium parts. We use a custom wound oversize inductor, mil-spec power resistors, custom made heatsink and high current switches for maximum quality in every aspect of our units.

Tuneable inductive attenuation

Choose between four settings: Bright and tight Resistive, the big and open Blue setting, the midrange focussed Green setting or the Warm and full Cream setting.


  • Suitable for any valve amplifier up to 130 watts.
  • Attenuation in fine -4dB steps.
  • Four reactive modes.
  • True bypass to let your full volume through for A/B comparisons in the studio
  • Works as a Dummy Load (Select Fine mode and you can disconnect your cab safely)
  • Designed and built in Manchester, UK using premium components.
  • Dual speaker outputs so you don’t have to daisy chain your speaker cabs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty (Beyond 12 months we will always repair at cost, no questions asked).



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