Quad Screamer Overdrive


The classic ‘screamer circuit re-imagined into an ultra-usable, fantastic-sounding modern form. Mix up Germanium, Silicon, LED and MOSFET clipping in any combination and then modify that with hi-gain Dirt and airy, crisp Bright modes for a total 60 unique overdrive possibilities, all of which are highly usable.  Each clipping option engages our own custom circuitry that compensates for the inherently different levels of clipping without altering tone. No more quiet Germanium or loud LED’s, they’re all all closely matched in volume so you can use them much more effectively in real world playing. In addition, when multiple clipping sections are blended the overall headroom and level of each section is summed, ideal for overloading your amp with huge amounts of boost.

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Take your overdrive to the next level and create your own unique tonal signature from a total of 60 possible mode combinations. From subtle and silky clean asymmetric NOS Germanium drive through to tight, harmonically rich hi-gain MOSFET shred with sustain for days you’ll find tone for every player in this one little box. The four different clipping options work within the same gain stage so activating multiple clipping modes simultaneously actually adds headroom and blends the characteristics of each type.

User upgradeable op-amp

Although supplied with the well-respected TI 4558 dual op-amp chip if you’re lucky enough to have a vintage chip, or just want to try something different out, you can easily swap over. Turned pin chip sockets offer improved pin grip that wont wear out even after hundreds of swaps.

NOS Germanium diodes

Genuine NOS (New-and-unused Old Stock) Germanium diodes sourced from Ukraine. Carefully selected and arranged in an asymmetric configuration to give you a sweet and clean drive you wont find with any modern equivalent. Supplies of these diodes are very limited and once they’re gone they’re gone forever.


  • SI : Symmetric Silicon. The classic ‘screamer sound.
  • LED : Symmetric red LED’s. A bigger, slightly warmer, more open sound.
  • MOS : Asymmetric MOSFET. A tighter, more aggressive sound with rich harmonics.
  • GE : Asymmetric Germanium. Specially selected NOS diodes have a cleaner, smoother sound with a touch of bite.
  • Hi gain switch : Boosts the dirt right at the front end giving a more full-range boost than the usual tube screamer.
  • Bright switch : Reduces the usual tube screamer high-frequency roll-off allowing just a touch more brightness.

Boutique quality parts

  • ALPS switches : Absolute best in the business for long life and reliability.
  • Cliff jacks : Made in UK with thicker nickel coating for extra long life and great tone transfer.
  • Alpha footswitches : Reliable switches with a sensitive, short click.
  • Alpha pots : Metal shaft, smooth rotation and the current go-to standard in boutique pedals.



The current best-selling style for pedals is minimalist, simple and plain. Military and industrial styles fit right in here too. Fact is that if you want to appeal to the broadest possible audience the best thing you can do is pick neutral tones, use expensive 60’s looking control knobs and go for a a nice clean font.

I’ve chosen not to do this. I like art, and I like colours and I don’t see why my pedals shouldn’t be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. This is rock’n’roll and going against the grain, choosing the path less trodden just because we like it and believe in it, this should be a way of life.

Chug and Strum are the first two characters in what I hope will go on to be a long-running series of art that grows into something cool and collectible. Of course they’re inspired by other creations, but they’re also their own thing, not copies. Chug is a metalhead who doesn’t see the point of anything that isn’t turned up to eleven whilst Strum is a mellow rocker kinda sprite who just can’t stop tweaking everything. I also have deeper plans for them but you’ll have to wait and see where that goes…

In any case, if you want to find out more about the man behind the art, click away here: