Speaker Cable Set


The Stack Pack

Three premium British speaker cables to solve any situation.
Manufactured in-house by hand using traditional style jacks and top-quality Van Damme cable.

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Our speaker cables are specifically designed and optimised for guitarists and tube amps.

This ‘Stack Pack’ set contains three speaker cables of 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.5m length in a tidy little bag with our logo on it. This set is intended to allow you to connect an attenuator to your amp with a short cable, and one or two cabs to the attenuator with the longer ones. We also know from our own experiences that having a variety of speaker cables can be very helpful at smaller gigs, or gigs with a crowded stage, where you may have to place your cab separately from your head or use someone else’s cab which may have the jack socket in an awkward place*. Each cable is 1.5mm2 and rated to over 800w. All cables are Van Damme Studio OFC copper and sheathed in extra-flexible blue neoprene-hybrid sleeving.

All cables have a traditional straight jack at one end and a right-angle ‘square-pancake’ at the other for maximum versatility. These jacks are specifically designed and selected for their ability to carry high power without loss. We use traditional jacks partly because we prefer how they look and also because they’re much more compact and are proven to work perfectly over decades of use: Why solve a problem that doesn’t exist?

Our speaker cables are unscreened. Never, ever use a screened cable with a valve amp: The capacitance in a screened cable will work against your transformer’s inductance to filter your tone. Not to mention that screened cables usually have very thin cores, so at best you will experience tone and power loss: At worst the cable may fail and the shock of an open-circuit at full power can cause internal transformer arcing and meltdown.

We don’t sell speaker cables separately, sorry! There are many specialists who will sell you a single cable and we don’t wish to compete with their excellently low prices. This set is intended as a premium, luxury option for those who want something a bit more special.


*looking at you JCM 800 cabs with your deeply recessed socket at the bottom!