Tone Lord 2


The Tone Lord 2 will be our next Kickstarter.

I’m hoping for a Winter 2023 launch but this depends on delivering the Grand Classic first.

The TL2 is an ultra-quiet, multi-mode clean boost that builds on our first ever Kickstarter (the Tone Lord 1). It keeps all the great features of the first unit but adds extra modes, more control of the tone curve boosts, support for out new universal Xport daughterboard add-on format, and of course now uses the same style and chassis that we’ve settled on as the standard Audiostorm compact pedal format.

You can read more on the Kickstarter preview page : Tone Lord 2 on Kickstarter

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I’m expecting a swift Kickstarter for this one. I can use all the tough lessons, expensive tooling and hard work put into the Grand Classic to make this one a swift success and delivery. Or that’s the plan anyway!

The prototype is complete already, and in fact you can come try it out at any of the guitar shows in 2023 I’m working at. The PCB board is mostly finished too, and because it uses the exact same outline, switching system and many of the same parts as the Grand Classic, such as pots, jacks, footswitches etc. my whole manufacturing system will be able to make these with just a simple list of part position changes.

If all goes well I’ll run this as a short Kickstarter towards the end of 2023 and then deliver the units by around March 2024. TBC.

Price is a retail estimate. Naturally the Kickstarter will include early-bird deals and special editions.