VBM Volume Box



  • Metal shaft potentiometer for smooth rotation
  • Large 35mm knob for easy and precise control
  • Impact resistant enclosure
  • Adhesive velcro hook-and-loop strip option included
  • 100k audio taper pot as preferred for most uses
  • Premium Cliff jack sockets
  • Each unit is individually hand-made and tested

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The VBM master volume control box is our hand-made, British, very high quality mono volume control box. It offers smooth control using a traditional metal-shaft panel-mounted pot, premium British Cliff jack sockets with superior heavy nickel plating and self-cleaning contacts for longer life than other jack sockets, and a large 38mm easy-turn knob in a sturdy impact-resistant enclosure. The VBM is ideal for trimming the volume input of unruly classic amps when using high-output pickups so that you can use the full range of their controls as originally intended, for using in the effects loops of master volume amps, for reducing the level into vintage effects to prevent clipping and for many other utility uses.


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