The Volumefink is our versatile volume control option for creative instrumentalists.

Use in any of the four configurations to either split or merge effects lines where the knob acts as a balance control, or as a traditional volume box control, or experiment with the Osciblender mode.

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Using premium Lumberg jacks, a genuine 45mm SCI control knob and genuine Hammond enclosure this unit is designed to last.

Osciblender mode allows you to connect an effects chain in parallel for parallel effects blending, but due to the passive nature of this unit will cause instability and unusual behaviour, especially in high-gain effects. This creative option can result in weird and wonderful noises, unusual feedback and more.

Configuration 1 : Passive splitter into two effects or amps
Configuration 2 : Passive mixer from two instruments or effects
Configuration 3 : Traditional Volume Box
Configuration 4 : Osciblender, an unstable parallel blender


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