Review Guidelines

All reviews on this site are moderated by humans.

The best reviews are relatively short and to-the-point, they include facts and comparisons with units from other manufacturers, or genuine personal experiences. We really like mentions of what amplifiers or other gear you are using, in what situation you are using our units, what sort-of styles you play and what sort-of other gear you love. Favourite settings are also welcomed. Feel free to include a linkback to your own websites or projects if those projects are relevant to music, pedals and amplifiers.

Genuine criticisms and critiques are acceptable and will be published; we are aware that no product is perfect and we agree that it would look petty and small of us to pretend otherwise. Please avoid swearing because the various search engines blacklist pages with swear-words on so we can’t approve anything rude. Lambasting, aggression and abusive commentary will not be published, nor will emotional slagging-off such as ‘it sucks’ or ‘I hate it’ simply because this sort-of thing is too vague to help anyone make an informed decision.

Above all, always simply be passionate about what you write – Sean.

Note: At the moment there is no easy way for me to enable review editing without adding user account creation support. Eventually I’ll add that feature but I’ve learned the hard way that making too many changes at once tends to break a website so that needs to be rolled out slowly. However feel free to post an updated review at any time, and optionally send me a message to take down your old one if you feel it is no longer relevant or you just don’t want it public for whatever reason.